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BuildAid-Newsletter -February 2017



Upcoming Buildaid Missions Team Trips 2017

2 week trips for teams


Saturday May 20th  – Monday  June 5th  

Friday June 30th       – Sunday July 16th    (fully booked)

Thursday July 13th – Saturday July 29th  

Thursday  August 17th  –  Saturday September 2nd 

Thursday  August 31st  – Thursday  September 14th              

Sunday  October 8th  –  Sunday  October 22nd  

Friday  October 20th  –  Saturday November 4th    

Thursday November 30th  –  Thursday December 21st 



Trip Update - Feb - April 2017

North Ambrym working at the Richards' home, then moving back to Olal and Megamone schools to continue working on repairs and school buildings.   

We will be back on North Ambrym in early May to resume work after a short break at home in Australia.



Vanuatu Cyclone Relief Update

June 2015

After a short break back in Australia – work has begun again in Vanuatu. Building and repairing of schools in the area of north Ambrym will be BuildAid’s focus for the next three months. Continuation of the construction of the new school at Megamone and reroofing of the school at Olal will be amongst the first priorities. Thanks to those who have generously donated to our Cyclone Relief appeal. There is still time to contribute financially (go to our Support page) or still opportunity to join us (go to our Volunteer page). Also check out our Facebook page and #buildaid #buildaidmissions on Instagram for regular updates and photos!


16th April 2015 - Work has commenced on clearing and rebuilding of school sites in North Ambrym. Torrential rain yesterday caused landslides and flash flooding but work is continuing on.


18 March 2015 - News article mentioning BuildAid: Vanuatu disaster: the island hit by an earthquake, a volcano then cyclone Pam (The Guardian)

18 March 2015 - brief update from Ian who made it all the way past Willet to Megamone last night after dark. A lot of devastation there - those of you who have been on our work trips there will know the area. The existing school is completely demolished except for our sleeping quarters. Most of the homes - teachers included are flattened, trees down everywhere. BUT NO MAJOR INJURIES AND NO LOSS OF LIFE. He is now making his way back on foot back to Ranvetlam! He will check more carefully as he goes back. Taking some folk with him back to Ranon etc. principal Willie and Anna and family coming with him. Can't send any pictures because no mobile or Internet cover. Will continue to update as he can. Continue to pray for these remote communities. Their gardens (food supplies) have for the most part been ruined. They have some water. If can help financially please do.



17th March 2015 - Ian arrived in Port Vila safely. He is now booked on a small charter plane to Ambrym at 6.00 am this morning. He will take some food supplies with him but is not sure how he will get to Ranvetlam or Megamone as yet! It's a very long walk! Please be patient as getting info is hard and once he is out of the capital the only contact will be via satellite phone. He only has a little bit of battery left and there is limited power. Keep praying for him and those he's gone to check on.

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BuildAid-Newsletter-February 2017


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