In 2011 – BuildAid was able to commence planning the construction of a new home for Wycliffe translators in Ranvetlam, North Ambrym, Vanuatu. The recipients were a young family and a single woman, who had commenced language studies on this remote island but with little accommodation. BuildAid was able to contribute much of the labour component and provide sound technical advice.

Richards home, Phase 5

Vanuatu, North Ambrym, Ranvetlam
Mar 2014

Lots of cleaning up, removing rubbish & unpacking
House is now being comfortably lived in by the family.
Water tanks have been connected, kitchen and bathrooms fitted out ­ even an inside toilet! Gardens have been established, trees planted and chicken run ready!

Richards home, Phase 4

Vanuatu, North Ambrym, Ranvetlam
July ­ Aug 2013

Timber roof framing was completed ensuring that all was cyclone tied down ­ safe and secure. All iron roofing and guttering were installed, and wall lining and finishing inside was also completed.

Plumbing, solar and electrical work was completed by others as was some joinery.

Additional project work in the village of Ranvetlam included ­ solar panels supplied and installed to village huts to provide lighting in various buildings.

Two new kits were installed in local church buildings in July 2013.

Richards home, Phase 3

Vanuatu, North Ambrym, Ranvetlam
Apr ­ May 2013

The May team worked solidly for four weeks putting up blocks made by the villagers. This included making mortar from beach sand & cement and then filing the blocks, carting blocks onto the site and stacking them for the layers. Work continued in on this stage of the project with the remaining top course of bricks and bond beam secured.

Teams actually finished off the brickwork up to the bond beam by the end of May 2013.

Windows were made on site and framework installed during this time.

A small team assisted with the installation of a solar light kit and some paint to the living area First solar kit was delivered and installed in April to a village hut.

Richards home, Phase 2

Vanuatu, North Ambrym, Ranvetlam
Dec 2012

Plans were drawn and work began in December 2012 on the footings to this new home. A small team worked with local villagers to complete the foundations ­ local involvement is paramount in projects such as. Men from neighbouring villages also came to help!

The concrete slab poured with help of another team for the USA and from neighbouring Santo and the bricks were made with the help of local men & youths.

Richards home, Phase 1

Vanuatu, North Ambrym, Ranvetlam
June 2012

Initial trips to prepare for this house construction allowed us to help with some maintenance on the translators current home by hooking up some spouting/guttering so that rainwater could be collected, fixing up the “old” washroom to it more usable, and generally helping out wherever possible. A basic solar lighting/power kit was installed to existing accommodation to provide much need extra lighting during the evenings and power to run the camp shower!