About Build Aid Missions


Our primary work includes the planning and construction of housing for missionaries and mission organisations, buildings for churches and charitable organisations, medical centres, school buildings, and other mission related buildings as appropriate. Rebuilding/renovations and technical support are also offered

The Build Aid philosophy is to work closely with local communities to maximise the help that can be given, and to assist rather than hinder the mission in that location. In carrying out the work Build Aid can organise teams of volunteers to participate in relevant building projects, both in Australia and overseas. Projects are currently being undertaken in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Funding for Build Aid comes from generous donations from individuals and churches, and some fundraising activities.  Donations by Australian individuals and companies are tax deductible.


Board Members

Founders - Ian & Joanna Walter

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Ian has always had a heart for spreading the Gospel message. He has been a member of his local church in Australia for more than 32 years. He and his wife, Joanna, have also been actively involved in their local church building project and the youth ministry during this time. Ian is a carpenter by trade and has been in the industry for over 40 years. Ian is also a keen and active AFL Masters football player and former administrator. Joanna has a background in Communications and Social Studies and loves to keep fit and care for her family. Ian and Joanna have 4 adult children and three grandsons.

After jointly running their own building contracting company for 20 years, God moved in their hearts and grew the Walters desire to support the work being done around the world for the spread the gospel. Because of their specific gifts in November 2012 they gave up their business to work full time in mission construction work and Build Aid Missions was born.

Other Members

Mr Graham Davie - Businessman and Former elder at Suburban church provides invaluable on the ground and administrative support for BuildAid. He is married to Meelan who is a nurse and nursing administrator.

Mr Murray Brown – Administrator and former deacon at Suburban church who advises on administrative issues and reporting obligations. Murray has also provided on the ground support. Murray and his wife Sue are committed Christians with a heart for missions.

Pastor Andrew Combridge – ​Pastor of Highton/Belmont Baptist Church in Victoria.  Joined the board in 2017 but has been active in supporting, praying and joining our work teams.  He is married to Bronwyn.

Mr David Lyons -  member of our board and member at South Valley Church in Highton Victoria.  Married to Brenda and multiple times volunteer.  David's expertise as a carpenter is invaluable.

Mr Doug Moreillon - Member of our board and member at Highton/Belmont.  Married to Leanne.  He has an interest in radio and travel.   Volunteered also with BuildAid.



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