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June, 2016 – Richard (4 year old) from Megamone community who had a severe laceration to one of his fingers (the result of a mishap with a coconut grinder). He had sort treatment from a nurse at a local medical clinic but it seemed pretty obvious to us that he a required partial amputation or risk serious infection. We were able to get Richard and his dad on ship and into the capital for surgery. Despite being told numerous times (we don’t do amputations on Ni-vans’) an Australian surgical team from Launceston successfully repaired his finger and he his is now living a normal life back with his family.

July, 2016 – Patricia (3 month old) – we discovered Patricia at the local medical clinic with her mum. She was brought there by her mum as she was small, weak and not feeding properly. Patricia was born with a cleft palate and hair lip. She was unable to feed correctly and was deteriorating rapidly. We were able to fly mum and baby to the capital and met them at the hospital. We spoke with a local doctor and arranged for Patricia to be seen at a clinic on a Monday morning. They assessed her and began monitoring her food intake and weight gain. They arranged for her to be seen by an Australian Plastics team at the end of August with a view to them performing the surgery. After some toing and froing and several phone conversations Patricia had the surgery and is healing well and on the way to better health. Without our intervention and with without the surgery, Patricia was likely be shunned in her own community and as school. Now God willing she can lead a relatively normal life.

July 2016 – Medical ship visits to North Ambrym: BuildAid offered to transport hundreds of villages (Men, women and children – ranging from 90+ years to new born babies) to a medical clinic being run by the Marine Reach YWAM team from New Zealand. At this clinic everyone is assessed and their medical, dental and optical needs documented. Patients are then either taken by boat to the ship for treatment (dental or serious medical) or seen in the makeshift clinic set up on the island. Hundreds of individuals and families turned out and were seen. Unfortunately, on our last return trip back to a village, our truck was involved in a serious accident and 6 people needed the help of this medical team. All were transported by another vehicle to the ship where their injuries were assessed and they were treated for a few days. Fortunately everyone recovered but BuildAid was very glad help was so close at hand.

August 2016 – While working in Olal this month, a young boy named Ben was brought to our attention by the medical team on the Pacifica Hope. Ben has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. His chair had been donated to him but his home was not suitable with inadequate access for him. BuildAid was able to make him a suitable access ramp so that he can leave his village hut with greater ease. His family where of course very grateful and Ben could not stop smiling.


July 2017 - BuildAid Missions was able to transport patients to the Marine Reach ship - Pacific Hope.  These patients were in need of cataract surgery and treatment.