April 2016 – First investigation trip to Olal - Subsequent installation of water tank at the Olal house that will be repaired and rendered liveable.

July 2016 – Purchase and ship building materials to Olal via Marine Reach ship the Pacific Hope. Unload materials from the ship.

August 2016 – Work commences on the Ellis’ house: remove old roofing to discover much of it is irreparable and needs to be completely rebuilt. Make all new trusses, then re-roof with new iron, fascia, guttering. Make new window frames, insert new glass shutters, and remove all old wall and ceiling lining. Install solar panels to roof.

October 2016 – Roof capping and gable ends completed. Internal wall linings, battens and ceiling sheets installed. Build new internal walls also.

November 2016 and into 2017 – work continued on and all painting internally was completed by the Ellis'. Kitchen and bathroom areas have been tiled and benches installed.  

 IMG 3485