In 1979, missionaries Craig and Linda Throop went to live among the Kaulong people at Kandrian, on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. They went to learn their language and culture so that they could help them translate the Bible into their own language. They have raised a family there and have faithfully translated the bible as part of the Kaulong New Testament Translation Project. They have produced teaching materials and shared God’s word among the 850 people groups in this area.

Throop family home renovation, Phase 3

PNG, New Britain
Apr/May 2008

Secured and boarded up house for while the missionaries returned to the United States. Packed up books and other valuable items for protection. A general cleanup!

Throop family home renovation, Phase 2

PNG, New Britain
Nov 2007

We took a team of volunteers over to renovate this missionary family’s home to make it a bit more comfortable, accessible and vermin proof. They had been living without an external staircase, wall panelling or plaster, virtually no cooking facilities During this time we were able to build staircase access to home, install some bedroom wall panelling as well as make alterations to the kitchen to make it workable to better aid in cooking and connect to the town generator to provide power and light during the evenings.

Throop family home renovation, Phase 1

PNG, New Britain
Dec 2006

Our first “exploration” trip for this family ended pretty abruptly when the airstip at Hoskins was closed. After several hours of flying, transfers and waiting we were not able to fly the last leg. Fortunately, by the time our next trip was planned, the airstrip was repaired and usable.

(Future plans have include finishing off incomplete works once the family returns to PNG, potentially relocating this family to the mainland and building the PNG Bible Translation and Scripture­in­Use Centre – including accommodation, classrooms and other facilities. This centre will become a hub for local and missionary translators to learn, check and continue their work. This is a large complex and will require considerable resources and finances to complete.

Plans for the relocation of the missionary family from Kandrian to Madang of the translation school & accommodation building are still being considered. This building is to be constructed to encompass one 3­bedroom home, dormitory style accommodation with shared kitchen facilities for local villagers to stay in while assisting with bible translation, a library, classrooms and study cubicles.)